Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions
What is "Therapeutic Hypnosis", "Clinical Hypnosis", and "Hypnotherapy"?
-These are all professional names for a therapeutic session where the power of hypnosis is utilized to help a client with behavior, emotions, attitude, as well as habits, anxiety, stress, and personal development.

What does Hypnosis feel like?
-Hypnosis feels very relaxing and very good, it is very similar to laying in bed with your eyes closed after a long day of hard work.
-Your imagination is increased and all of your stress fades away as you relax.
-Hypnosis is similar to meditation, yoga, sleep.

Why "Hypnosis"?
-Hypnotic therapy is extremely relaxing and enjoyable.
-A session of Hypnosis is equivalent to hours of restful sleep.
-It is completely safe, no drugs.
-It is very effective because it deals directly with your subconscious mind.

Who can benefit from Hypnosis?
-Anyone and everyone willing to improve their lives for the better; even those without issues can use it to amplify imagination, increase intelligence, and relax and reduce stress.

Does Hypnosis Work? How does hypnosis work?
-YES! Hypnosis works because it creates a direct access to your subconscious mind, which does not rationalize and/or make excuses like your normal waking conscious state, but rather accepts and implements the suggestions given, making it highly effective.

Is Hypnosis Safe?
-Hypnosis is extremely safe, it uses no drugs. It is a natural state our minds go into such as when we daydream and is very relaxing. No one has ever failed to come out of hypnosis.
-The experience can be compared to a meditation like experience.

Why Hypnotist Daniel George?
-Hypnotist Daniel George places your comfort above all else, demonstrates full respect and professionalism, is competitively priced, and will help you achieve your goals through the power of Hypnosis.