Hypnotist Daniel George is a certified, confident, exclusive and able hypnotist who practices clinical hypnotism, hypnotic counseling, positive hypnosis, and therapeutic hypnosis. Helping many clients in hypnosis sessions with behaviors, phobias, addictions, focus, creativity, intelligence, and mind opening. Daniel also gives hypnosis lessons, lectures, and demonstrations to psychology students and anyone interested in this limitless, artful science of the mind.

Daniel George is a certified hypnotist, certified by the well respected Mindcare Organization Ltd. Daniel has been granted lifetime membership to The Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (R.I.H.P.) incorporating The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (A.C.M.T.).

Daniel George attends seminars and conventions where he meets with world class hypnotists from around the world to discuss techniques, methods, and share knowledge.
Hypnotist Daniel George D.C.M.T.
Certified Master Hypnotist
Clinical Hypnotism, Hypnotic Counseling
Therapeutic Hypnosis, Positive Hypnosis
In his spare time Daniel George is a professional and hobby guitarist. To Daniel music is a magical art that has evolved over the ages, and only few are lucky enough to know its secrets. Daniel enjoys collecting and playing on both electric and acoustic guitar. He is a skilled performing and teaching guitarist who offers guitar lessons in  many different styles of playing such as classical, flamenco, blues, folk, and rock.
Magic & illusion

Daniel is a magician and illusionist whoperforms shows and in random real life scenarios and enjoy shattering peopl's realities.