Self Help Hypnosis
Available here to download or have Shipped is an mp3 Audio Self Hypnosis BEST selling audio track.
This will eliminate your stress and allow you to relax, which is a key factor for Smoking cessation. It will hypnotically and subconsciously program your mind to quit the smoking nasty habit with negative associations. Instantly after you will feel relaxed and a Healthy non-smoker. You will find smoking a nasty habit (which it is) and realize you are beyond it and YOU ARE NO LONGER A SLAVE to nicotine. STOP and QUIT Smoking for good - the EASY hypnotic way. You won't even have to try your mind will just want to be healthy with FRESH AIR ONLY.
Stop Smoking
Quit Smoking
Smoke FREE
Hypnosis Relaxation

Length: over 1 hour
Price: $9.99 + Free Digital Delivery
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